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Champaign, IL, USA

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Saturday 29 February @ 7:00PM

The Jeremiahs

Photo of The Jeremiahs



$20 Adult


HOUSE CONCERT near downtown Champaign, IL. The address will be sent to reservation holders a few days before the show.

HOUSE CONCERT and Potluck Dinner

PLEASE NOTE: this is a house concert and potluck. Seating is very limited. Reservations are strongly encouraged. Concert details and location will be sent to reservation holders a few days before the show.

The Jeremiahs (http://thejeremiahs.ie) combine traditional and contemporary sounds to create their own brand of Urban Folk music. Since founding in 2013 the quartet have trailblazed across Ireland, Europe and USA playing some of the top venues and Festivals.

Joe Gibney - Vocals

Joe, with his instantly recognisable timbre, offers a diverse repertoire of songs, from rousing sea shanties to emotional traditional songs of hardship, love and loss. His obvious passion and love for these songs, old and new, is plain to see and hear and will entrance and warm the heart of any music lover. A talented Dublin born singer with a melting pot of influences.

Jean-Christophe Morel - Fiddle

Born in Bordeaux, in France, Jean-Christophe has been playing classical music from the tender age of 4. His love affair with Irish traditional music began after he sat in at a session during his studies at the conservatoire of Bordeaux. A few years later, he went studying Irish traditional music in Dublin for a year where he met the band. He has since completed a Masters in the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique & Danse of Lyon. His love and interest in all kinds of music and his experience in playing jazz and classical music influenced a lot his playing in Irish traditional music. The original project The Jeremiahs has been a great opportunity to develop his own style of playing and composing.

James Ryan - Guitar

Dublinese accompanist James has amassed a wealth of experience having already performed in over 14 different countries to date. James’ draws on a wide a range of influences from different genres and traditions which is evident is his unique percussive backing style. As well as an established teacher James is also an experienced sound engineer having worked with a long list of talented and well respected musicians and singers in the studio.

Julien Bruneteau - Flutes

Julien hails from Bordeaux in France and began playing the flute at the age of 11. Under the wing and strong influence of great players such as Jean-Michel Veillon and Sylvain Barou, amongst others, Julien's wonderful style began to really flourish. While studying Jazz music at the Conservatoire of Agen and attending the prestigious Didier Lockwood school in Paris, Julien immersed himself in the works of great artists such as Chris Potter, Stéphane Guillaume and Benoît Sourisse. These factors, combined with the unabating presence in his life of Irish music, have shaped Julien into a flute player of great sensitivity with an amazing ability to improvise.

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  • S
    • Scott, Aoife
      Photo of Scott, Aoife

      Past Show Dates: Sep ´18

    • Socks in the Frying Pan
      Photo of Socks in the Frying Pan

      Past Show Dates: May ´15

  • T
    • Tansey, Seamus
      Photo of Tansey, Seamus

      Past Show Dates: Apr ´08

    • Ten Strings And A Goat Skin
      Photo of Ten Strings And A Goat Skin

      Past Show Dates: Feb ´16

    • Trì Scèalta
      Photo of Trì Scèalta

      Past Show Dates: Nov ´15

    • Truckley Howl, The
      Photo of Truckley Howl, The

      Past Show Dates: Mar ´16

    • Tyrrell, Seán
      Photo of Tyrrell, Seán

      Past Show Dates: Sep ´16

  • V
    • Vishtèn
      Photo of Vishtèn

      Past Show Dates: Jun ´13

  • W
    • We Banjo 3
      Photo of We Banjo 3

      Past Show Dates: Aug ´13, Sep ´15

Piper' s Hut

Piper's Hut was created in 2005, though the idea had existed for some time. I had worked backstage or in patron-facing roles at Celtic shows and festivals in other communities in which I had lived. After moving to Champaign I was treated to a couple of shows by big names that were based in the Midwest and were touring regionally. I wanted more.

As of this writing, fourteen years and more than 110 shows have come and gone. I have had an amazing time getting to meet the lovely people in my community who have supported the shows over the years as well as meeting the incredibly talented Artists who have come to this community.

At the moment I am only putting on house concerts. These are unplugged (un-amplified) concerts in my home near downtown Champaign, IL. We can get upwards of 25 people in and can usually accommodate a few more in a pinch.

If you are interested in attending a show please consider signing up for the mailing list. Other wise send mail to: pipers.hut@gmail.com


I am mainly interested in very traditional "Pure Drop" Celtic music. I have had mostly trad Irish acts with a few Scottish and even a couple less-specific folk acts. I would welcome acts from the other Celtic music traditions.

I am in Champaign, Illinois, USA. This is roughly: 2 hours due West of Indianapolis, Indiana; 2+ hours due South of Chicago; and around 3.5 hours Northeast of St Louis. The community is small although it hosts the largest campus of the University of Illinois.

I offer small, unplugged house concerts at this time.

for booking s please contact me at: pipers.hut@gmail.com