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May ´09
Alan Kelly Gang
Mar ´14
Bays, Randal & Mathias, Davey
Oct ´10
Begley, Brendan & óRaghallaigh, Caoimhín
Oct ´11
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Boylan, Turlach & Cory, Dave
Mar ´06
Britton, Tim & Eagan, Pat
Jun ´05
Britton,Tim & Miller, Brian
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Brock McGuire Band
Sep ´05
Feb ´12
Carey, Kyle & Werth, Craig
Sep ´12
Chicago Reel
Oct ´12
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Conneely, Mick & Munnelly, David
Sep ´13
Cooney, Michael & Egan, Pat
Dec ´11
Courtney, Mary
Dec ´13
Cranitch, Matt & Daly, Jackie
Apr ´11
Crowley, Jimmy
Dec ´07
David Munnelly Band
Feb ´08
DeMarco, Tony
Apr ´10
DeMarco, Tony & Butler, Siobhán
Feb ´13
Duffy, Rose
Nov ´12
May ´05
Foley, Ged
Oct ´08
Fuchsia Band
Sep ´07, Jun ´09, Aug ´11
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Mar ´13
Gan Bua
Nov ´07
Gavin, Sean & Smith, Jesse
Jun ´12
Graham, Len
Apr ´08
Graham, Len & Hart, Brian
May ´12
Heaton, Matt & Shannon
Apr ´06, Nov ´08, May ´09, Apr ´13
Hensold, Dick
Apr ´13
Nov ´10
Kane Sisters
Aug ´08
Keenan, Paddy
Nov ´07, Nov ´09
Kennedy, Nuala
Feb ´14
Landes, Roger & Thompson, Chipper
Apr ´07
Máirtín de Cógáin Project
Apr ´10
MacKenzie, Laura with Rue, Gary
Nov ´11
MacNamara, Andrew, Harrington, Orla & Foley, Ged
Mar ´12
Maguire, Dóna
Nov ´09, Oct ´11
Malcolm, Jim
Sep ´09, Sep ´11, Mar ´14
Martin, Tommy & Gannon, Eileen
Mar ´06
McCormack, Alyth & Marshall, Triona
Oct ´12
McQuaid, Sarah
May ´11, Oct ´13
Munnelly, Flaherty & Masure
Apr ´08
Nugent, Larry
Feb ´10
Nugent, Laurence & O'Brien, Patsy
Mar ´12
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Mar ´09
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Mar ´05
O'Hare, Kieran
May ´08
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Open the Door for Three
Sep ´13
Outside Track
Feb ´11, Apr ´12
Paul McKenna Band
May ´11
Peoples, Tommy
Apr ´05
Rendell, Norah & Miller, Brian
Oct ´08
Rising Gael
Jul ´10
Tansey, Seamus
Apr ´08
Jun ´13
We Banjo 3
Aug ´13


May 2014

Friday 16 May @ 8:00PM

Paddy Keenan & John Walsh


The Upper Bout
723 S Neil St
Champaign, IL 61820

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Paddy Keenan was born into a traveler family steeped in traditional music. His open-fingered style of playing can be traced directly from the style of such great Travelling pipers as Johnny Doran, as well as that of his own father and grandfather.

In the 1970s Paddy was a founding member of the legendary Bothy Band, and his virtuosity on the pipes, combined with the ferocity of his playing, made him, its driving force. Since the break-up of The Bothy Band, Paddy has pursued a solo career, playing festivals and concerts all over the world. He has composed and arranged music for several film projects; most recently, he's been working on a documentary film in Mali.

In 2002 Paddy was awarded the TG4 (Irish language television) Traditional Music Award (Gradam Cheoil) as Traditional Musician of the Year. This is the most prestigious award given in the genre of Irish traditional music.

Generally acknowledged as the most accomplished uilleann piper performing today, Paddy is certainly one of the most brilliant musicians of his generation.

John Walsh is an Irish guitarist living in the New York area. John grew up in Kilkenny, Ireland, where he picked up his first instrument, the tin whistle, under the supervision of Brother Jacob at the CBS school in Callan, Co. Kilkenny. After learning some tunes on the whistle, his mother's guitar seemed a logical progression. To his luck a local musician, John Travers, was kind enough to show him around the fretboard, and soon John found a thriving music scene in Kilkenny.

John moved to the US with his wife Carole and their children in 1992. He studied Audio Engineering and now owns and runs St. Canicea's Backyard, a recording studio specializing in Irish traditional music. John has worked with great musicians such as Pat Kilbride, Chris Brown, Keith O'Neilll, Paddy Keenan, Eric Everett, Frankie Gavin, David Power, Maria Miller, The Derivatives, Ciaran Somers, Seanachai and others.